Meet Alicia Kendig the woman responsible for making sure U.S. athletes are putting the right stuff into their bodies.

SOCHI - Whether flying down the slopes, soaring off the rails or slashing on the ice, American athletes in Sochi are relying on countless hours of training to peak at just the right moment. And what they eat has never been more important. "We need our bodies to be performing at 100 percent," Monique Lamoureux of the women's hockey team said. "What you put into your body, you look at as fuel, not just food." Meet the woman who puts the fuel in Team USA's tank - nutritionist Alicia Kendig, nicknamed "Nutricia" by her athletes. Kendig and the USOC staff shop every other day at the local Magnit, Russia's answer to Walmart, and despite early concerns about the food here, it looks like those worries were unfounded. "When you're traveling internationally, a lot of the fruits and vegetables are in the their natural (state). They are organic," Kendig said. "We are so pleased with the produce that we can find here at this store." On today's list? Garlic and ginger. "We've actually been going through a lot of cloves a day just because of the natural immune boosting nutrients that are found in garlic," Kendig said. Then there are bananas and other fruits. "We usually go through a box of bananas every day, day and a half and that's just the men's hockey team," Kendig said. "Next thing is the oranges. Oranges and grapefruits - they're really good right now." Even the elite athletes need a little convincing when it comes to basic nutrition sense. "Some athletes skip breakfast essentially because they want to burn more fat during their morning training session," Kendig said. "That is not good, if you want a high-quality training session in the morning. Skipping breakfast is not the way to do it." The other priority? Protein - from peanut butter shipped from the U.S., and from dairy products. "Protein is really important at this point in the games because we've been here for a while and, you know, maintaining lean muscle mass," Kendig said. "I usually buy any time that we're here 10, 15, sometimes 20 liters of skim milk." The groceries loaded up and Team USA is stocked - at least for a day.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//