Information for parents about the film "3 Days to Kill."

'3 Days to Kill': 3 points for parents Violence: People are shot outside a hotel. A bomb explodes in the hotel. A man shoots another man to stop him from escaping. A car is hijacked. An elevator is used as a guillotine. Torture is used to gain information. People are shot, tied up and shocked with a battery. Young men tease a drugged girl cornered in a bathroom. Many shoot-outs and fights end in death. A man is thrown in front of a train. Drugs/alcohol: A man is told to drink. An experimental drug is injected into a man. Many people are smoking. Scenes at dinner and parties depict drinking and smoking. Language/sexuality: People getting tattoos are not fully clothed (partial nudity from behind). Dancers in a scene are nude but out of focus. Not much is left to the imagination. Women dress in provocative outfits. Many expletives, some in a foreign language, are spoken. Three young men seek a sexual encounter with an underage girl in a bathroom.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//