Mount Shasta Police Department reported that one Mount Shasta man is in custody after another Mount Shasta man suffered multiple shotgun wounds and was airlifted to Redding for treatment March 27, 2014.

Mount Shasta Police Department reported that a 49 year old Mount Shasta man was airlifted to Redding for treatment of shotgun wounds this afternoon, and a 50 year old Mount Shasta man was booked into Siskiyou County Jail to be charged with attempted murder and felon in possession of a firearm.

Mark Henderson suffered multiple, substantial and traumatic wounds, according to Lieutenant Joe Restine of the MSPD.

Suspect David Tilly was taken into custody at approximately 4 p.m., after an interagency search that included a CHP helicopter located him at a camp in the northeast section, according to a Police Department press release.

Lt. Restine reported that a shotgun, shotgun shells and other evidence were also found at the scene.

The press release states that the Department first responded to Mercy Medical Center at approximately 2:23 p.m. for a report of a man with a gunshot wound to the back.

Henderson, according to the release, said he was attacked by a man from behind and shot three times while on the Roseburg Property at the south end of Mt. Shasta Blvd.

The helicopter was seen and heard by many in town as it circled the sky while officers from the MSPD, CHP, and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department conducted what Lt. Restine described as a systematic search that followed setting up an initial perimeter.

Restine said the Mount Shasta PD had “excellent interagency cooperation and was able to bring the case to a close fairly quickly.”