Money can buy a lot of things, but the most important pieces of life are irreplaceable and can't be bought and shipped to your door. Obviously one of these things is love (real, true love) but there are lots of other things that can't be purchased.

The Beatles sang about love they couldn't buy, and Aladdin's genie lectured about wishes you couldn't wish for. There are a lot of things in this world money can buy if you're willing to spend all your time earning that money. But so many more things can only be experienced once. There are so many opportunities that must be seized immediately because they'll never chance your way again. This list should get you thinking about all the things money can't buy, despite commercials, billboards and advertisements that would like to convince us there is no such thing as an "unpurchaseable" item. More time with the ones we love The love of those people Loyalty (cat, dog, human, or otherwise) Missed cuddles More wishes Kisses (the true love kind) Youth More money Your mom's homemade pie, cake or cookies The secret recipes for said confections Respect Trust, once it's lost Hope, when times are hopeless Faith you're not willing to work for Freedom from worry or fear Freedom for citizens of oppressed nations World peace Memories once they're forgotten The stories you never asked your grandpa to tell The times you didn't hold and hug your child A redo of past mistakes A redo of missed opportunities Good health when you don't treat your body well The time you waste on watching mindless TV The time you should have been exercising but ate a Twinkie instead The time you should have napped when the baby was napping A baby who sleeps through the night A toddler who isn't picky A child who never fights with his or her siblings The beloved dog who passed when you were 12 The darling lap cat who disappeared that one summer Inner beauty A good sense of humor The ability to see past others' faults The ability to see past your own faults The kind of friends who never desert you The kind of family that always stands by you The first time you read your favorite book The first time you see your favorite movie Education you didn't get Beautiful vistas you didn't see Trips you didn't take A warm summer day spent picnicking with your family An autumn afternoon jumping in colorful piles of leaves A winter morning when you make the first footprints in the snow A spring night spent stargazing at a sky close enough to touch The moments that take your breath away The moments that make your heartbeat stutter The opinion you didn't stand up for The love you didn't risk Money is indispensable. That's something we can't deny. It's necessary in order to survive this world. But sometimes we get too focused on surviving, and we forget about enjoying. After all, wasn't life meant to be celebrated, not just endured? What else would you add to this list?%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//