Eleven Bears set personal records in their first meet of the season March 20 in Yreka.

Mount Shasta High School track and field athletes set several personal records while opening the season March 20 at Siskiyou County Meet-2 in Yreka.

Setting personal records for the boys were:

Sophomore Chris Morzenti, 10:03.3 in the 3200m; senior Collin Cool, 19-2.5 in long jump; junior Paris Muller, 75-8 in discus; sophomore Drew Miller, 54.9 in 400m; senior Daylon Blakely, 12.3 in 100m; sophomore Jarrod Althaus-Cressman, 16.8 in 110 high hurdles.

PRs for the girls were:

Sophomore Carlie Dunlap, 29-11 in shot put; junior Alicea DiPillo, 22-4 in shot put; sophomore Jenna Ure, 82.3 in 400m; sophomore Abby Manley, 30.4 in 200m; sophomore Lauren Frost, 29-6.5 in triple jump.

Coach Steve Nesheim awarded several Golden Feet, which are won by “meeting exceptional standards set for each event for Boys Varsity, Boys JV, Girls Varsity and Girls JV once per season for any athlete.”

Golden Feet earned by girls were:

Junior Sophia Ackerman-Mero, 1st place, 94-6 in the discus; senior Leah Maumasi, 2nd place, 89-1 in discus; junior Madeleine Moyer, 2nd place, 14-7 in long jump and 18.1 in 100m hurdles; freshman Emily Andrus, JV 1st place, 64.9 in 400m and JV 1st place, 28.5 in 200m.

Golden Feet earned by the boys were:

Chris Morzenti, 1st place, 2:03.4 in 800m; senior Dominic Tognolini, 2nd place, 113-11 in discus; senior Collin Cool, 1st place, 38-5.5 in triple jump and 3rd place, 19-2.5 in long jump; senior Eli Chapman, 1st place, 22.7 in 200m; sophomore Garrett Bryan, 1st place, 11-6 in pole vault; sophomore Drew Miller, JV 1st place, 54.89 in 400m

According to Nesheim, the Bears’ team awards at the end of the season are based on most personal records, which reflect work ethic, and most Golden Feet, which reflect excellence and versatility.

Mount Shasta was scheduled to compete in the Burt Williams Invitational March 29, at Central Valley High, but coach Steve Nesheim said they decided against it because of the potential for cold, wind and rain. Instead, he said they will "set our sights on next Saturday's Hornet Invitational at Enterprise High School in Redding."