"Einstein" and his guardian, Carolyn Ford, were recently featured on the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" program.

Einstein, the “Ancient Crystal Skull” and its guardian Carolyn Ford are scheduled to make an appearance April 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. at The Gallery in downtown Mount Shasta.

The Einstein Crystal Skull is also called the “Skull of Consciousness.” It weighs 33 pounds and is said to be the largest crystal skull in the world. It was discovered by an explorer in the 1930s and came to Ford in 1989. She kept Einstein private for 20 years and first presented it to the world in New York City at the 10-10-10 Crystal Skull event.

Ford and Einstein were recently featured on History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” program titled “Crystal Skulls.” She has also been a keynote speaker at crystal skull and inspirational events around the country and was featured on Coast to Coast among other radio shows.

As stated in a press release for the Mount Shasta event, “Many people report a profound awakening and a sense of remembering who they are while sitting in the presence of Einstein.”

According to the release, the “hands-on” event with Einstein will include “cranial re-sequencing activation,” and a “cosmic chant of creation will be performed to activate Einstein.”

Information will be presented about “dream linking,” described as “providing insights for optimizing this important time in our dream state to create and achieve what we desire. We will complete with an opportunity to imprint your crystal skulls or power tools with Einstein, where you can place your own crystal skulls near Einstein...”

To reserve a seat stop by The Gallery or call 530-926-2334. Private sessions will also be offered April 5 and 6. Call Ron at 928-301-4466.

For more information about Carolyn Ford and Einstein see the website: www.einsteinthecrystalskull.com