Uber has poached a senior engineering manager at Apple who worked on the company's Maps app and iPhone software, The Information reports.

Chris Blumenberg, a senior leader on Apple's iOS team and one of the first engineers to work on the iPhone's software, is reportedly leaving for Uber. 

Jessica Lessin of The Information reports that three sources familiar with the situation shared this news with her.

Apple Maps has largely stayed out of the spotlight since its shaky debut in 2012. After the app launched with iOS 6, it marked one of the few instances in which Apple issued a public apology on its website for the product's performance.

If true, Blumenberg's move would come at a critical time for Uber. The transportation app startup was recently valued at $18 billion. 

Blumenberg's name is listed as an inventor on dozens of Apple patents related to iOS alongside former iOS chief Scott Forstall. His Twitter profile and Facebook page still indicate that he's a manager at Apple.

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