The Weed Pride organization unveiled the latest addition to its downtown beautification efforts - a water fountain sculpture created by artists David Gochenour and Arthur Horvath. The project was made possible in part through a donation by Weed High School alumni who graduated between 1960 and1969.

The water fountain sculpture unveiled Thursday on Weed’s Main Street is the latest installment in a beautification project that is changing the face of the city.

“This represents another milestone in Weed Pride efforts to enhance our Main Street Project,” Weed City Councilor Ken Palfini told those who attended the unveiling.

The water fountain sculpture was funded in part by the Weed High School graduating classes of 1960 to 1969, according to Weed Mayor Bob Hall.

Speaking for those 1960s WHS classes, Hall told the crowd, “Our education and our town were fantastic then. We want to bring forward real pride once again in the city of Weed.”

The idea of a water fountain sculpture was first floated about two years ago during a Weed Pride meeting, according to artist David Gochenour.

Several beautification efforts were already underway, including pavers, trees, streetlamps and sculpted benches by artist William Wareham.

When the paver work reached the second block on the south side of Main Street, Gochenour said, a site for the fountain was chosen and blocked out, and pavers were laid around it.

Gochenour said he withdrew from discussions about the fountain and stopped attending Weed Pride meetings once the project funding was complete and a committee had been formed to determine a design for the fountain. He bid successfully for the design contract and showed a rough sketch to fellow artist Arthur Horvath.

Horvath told him, “Sure we can do this,” Gochenour said, and the two agreed to work together.

Horvath said he refined Gochenour’s design and built the fountain sculpture.

He credited Knuth Manufacturing in Montague for using a water jet to create the holes for the fountain basins and Weed City Public Works staff for hooking up the plumbing.

Hall said Weed Pride’s work will continue toward the goal of beautifying the city and bringing more businesses into downtown Weed.

“We’ve made some movement in the last few years developing a base group, and it’s been a real pleasure working together,” Hall told the crowd.

A park in Heritage Plaza is the next part of the Main Street Project now in the planning stages.

“We need money and we need help to complete the new park. It will be a beautiful park, it’ll just take some time,” said Gochenour.