Northland Cable's 'Hometown Hero' award went to Dan Dorsey this year. Dorsey founded the Home Guard to support troops and veterans from Siskiyou County.

Northland has announced Daniel Dorsey as the winner of its Mount Shasta community Hometown Hero contest.

Dorsey, founder of the Home Guard that supports troops and veterans from Siskiyou County, is being recognized for going above and beyond to enrich the lives of his neighbors, according to a Northland press release.

Northland said more than 20,000 votes were cast in Hometown Hero contests held throughout the country, and more than 1,300 votes were cast in the Mount Shasta area.

Dorsey, a retired CAL FIRE captain, said he is most proud of the votes he received from soldiers in Afghanistan, including Jack Raine of Dunsmuir, a pilot of the Air Force’s MC-12 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft.

“It’s neat that somebody nominated me, and then to get the votes,” said Dorsey.

He received a $250 check from Northland for winning the Hero award and $500 for the Mount Shasta Elks Lodge.

An Elks Lecturing Knight, Dorsey said all $750 will be used to help deployed soldiers and veterans from the area and local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Irma Vorbeck nominated Dorsey for the Hero award and referred to him as “an asset and a blessing to our community,” “an outstanding example for our youth,” “an inspiration.”

Vorbeck wrote, “Dan learned that our 132nd National Guard was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan. That’s when Dan decided he had a mission that was to organize and bring together Siskiyou County to send boxes while our troops were deployed.”

Dorsey said he recruited more than 30 organizations and individuals to help with the Home Guard effort, which is ongoing. More than 150 volunteers were involved in the effort, through which care package boxes were sent each month to locals deployed in Afghanistan.

“His goodness did not stop there,” wrote Vorbeck. “Dan made himself available to their families. I remember firewood being delivered to a soldier’s mother. A soldier personally told me that no one has ever done something so special for them. Dan also organized a send-off for the troops and later a welcome-home event. It made our 132nd command feel very much appreciated.”

As an Elk, Dorsey organized a dinner to support veterans, Vorbeck noted, and he “brought together the Girl and Boy Scouts to place flags on veterans’ gravesites.”

She praised him for taking the time “to paint the flag pole in front of the Tri Counties Bank.”

Northland General Manager Vince Reinig said, “It is an honor to give back to the community and to recognize those who make Mount Shasta a great place to work and live. Congratulations to our winning Hometown Hero, Daniel Dorsey, and to Mount Shasta Elks Lodge, and thank you for all that you do in Mount Shasta.”

Dorsey said he was lucky to have supporters who voted for him frequently in the Hometown Hero contest, as allowed by the contest rules.

He acknowledged, “There’s a lot of hometown heroes, a lot of good people in this town doing things to help others.”

Dorsey also organized a business leaders forum that included US Representative Doug LaMalfa, Sheriff Jon Lopey, newly elected Supervisor Ray Haupt, and business owners from southern Siskiyou County. Participants discussed ways of bring more business to the area, Dorsey said.

During his 30-year career with CAL FIRE, Dorsey said he worked fires from Fresno-north, working on engines and paramedic units and “the left seat in helicopters.” He spent his last six years running fire inmate crews.

He said he climbed many mountains in the process and needed operations on his neck and back.

Now living a busy retirement, Dorsey said Siskiyou County soldiers are still involved in Afghanistan, and “One of my things is that we want to keep the story going about soldiers who are over there.”

He said the Home Guard works with soliders’ families, too, because, “The soldiers’ main worry is to make sure their family is OK. We help the families in a lot of different ways, so (deployed soldiers) don’t have to worry.”

For more details about Northland’s Hometown Hero contest visit the website: or stop by the local Northland office.