Microsoft announced on Thursday a special promotion: If you buy an Xbox One between Sept. 7 and 13, you can get any game you want. For free.

That includes the highly anticipated "Destiny," which comes out on Sept. 9. 

And that also includes the "Madden NFL 15" and "Forza Motorsport 5" bundles; you can choose a free game on top of the game that already comes with the Xbox. 

Although Microsoft says "sky's the limit" in terms of choosing the game, there does seem to be a catch.

The deal doesn't include games that you've pre-ordered, so if you've already ordered "Destiny," you can still get any of the other hot games that are out there, such as "Titanfall" or "Watch Dogs."

Also, the deal is only good for brand-new Xbox Ones and games; refurbished consoles and used games aren't eligible.

If you were debating between buying a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, this deal might be enough to push you to Microsoft's camp. 

Microsoft is sure hoping it will. The Xbox One is still lagging way behind the PS4 in terms of sales. 

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