"Destiny," the next game from "Halo" creators Bungie, hit stores Tuesday and its poised to be one of the year's biggest games.

What has gamers interested?

For one thing, the massive multiplayer online shooter let's you play on the moon along with fictional future versions of the Earth and other planets.

While the moon may be a prime spot for exploration now, it doesn't look all that appealing 700 years into the future.

Gorgeous and serene on the surface, Bungie has turned the moon into a hostile destination filled with caverns and underground fortresses full of aliens on the prowl.

We’ve seen gorgeous concept art for gameplay on the moon in “Destiny.”

However, the images don't compare to seeing the real thing in the game.

Every destination in "Destiny" has a huge map to check out. The moon is no exception.

Welcome to the moon! Here's where we start out when we first arrive.

We play as one of a few soldiers coined "Guardians" who set out to save what's left of Earth from the many different aliens who have taken over the universe 700 years into the future.

Strangely, we're not floating around or moving slower as you see in movies and TV. The gravity feels exactly the same as it did on Earth, but with craters.

There isn't much to see here unless you're looking up at the sky.

Even then, there are hints of long-forgotten satellites.

It's in direct contrast to the lush remains of Russia we explored back on Earth.

Essentially, the entire moon is a giant wasteland.

But, as we look around, it is a beautiful one filled with rock mountain ranges ...

... and even more gorgeous skylines. The 1080p resolution on the next generation consoles really shows off Bungie's ability to simulate light on screen.

There are also hints of man-made structures and bases.

They've all been long abandoned.

Instead, we come across a lot of caves and giant craters.

It turns out all of the real action on the moon is underground.

Below the moon's surface, are giant caverns and alien fortresses.

It's down here where all of the enemies are lurking.

Most of them are just hanging around waiting for you to show up before going on the offensive.

But you may jump back at a few waiting to pop out and attack.

These ones, Thralls, are the worst. They're fast creatures that will chase after you.

The only thing creepier is a Cursed Thrall which looks like a creature straight out of Pan's Labyrinth." Don't let him too close or he'll explode when he's near.

When you're not fighting your way through the Moon's underworld, the caverns are majestic.

Just don't spend too much time looking at the scenery.

You'll want to keep your guard up at all times.

If you don't, one of them, like this giant sword-wielding Knight, may cut you down.

Now that you've seen the moon, explore more of Destiny.

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