Rebuilding after the Boles Fire has begun. The first foundation has been poured in Weed's Angel Valley.

The rebuilding process in Weed’s Angel Valley has begun.

Adam McWilliams, owner of AWM Construction, said his eight member crew will work hard this winter in less than ideal weather conditions to get new homes up.

“It’s an extra incentive that will keep everyone pushing harder, knowing that people are living in temporary situations and want to get into their new homes,” he said.

Working through the winter is not new to McWilliams, who said he’s been doing construction in the area for 20 years.

AWM has several more homes to build on properties burned in the Boles Fire, and said right now his crew is timing the work around the conditions that work best for concrete.

As that work proceeds, McWilliams is also meeting with his clients’ insurance adjusters.

“It’s a lot of work. Insurance companies don’t just open their wallets. We have to find out what our customers are entitled to so we can do the most we can for them,” he said.