We're now getting a better picture of where iPhone users are taking advantage of Apple Pay.

Between its launch on Oct. 16 to the end of November, Apple Pay has already grown to represent 1.7% of mobile payments.

Google Wallet made up 4% of all mobile payments over the same period.

The top three retailers for Apple Pay were Whole Foods, Walgreens, and McDonalds, according to research firm ITG.

Panera and Subway rounded out the top five Apple Pay retailers.

ITG says Whole Foods accounted for 20% of all Apple Pay transactions in November, and 28% of all dollars spent.

Walgreens accounted for 19% of all transactions and 11% of spend, and McDonald's made up 11% of transactions and 3% of dollars spent.

The dominant force in mobile payments right now is PayPal. The eBay subsidiary had a 78% market share last month.

Apple Pay will continue growing into next year when the Apple Watch comes out. Apple has also been adding banks to their network and claims it supports cards representing 90% of US credit card purchase volume.

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