The ad hoc committee created to help the City of Dunsmuir in its search for an interim city manager is accepting applications for the position until Jan. 5. The council heard a report Thursday night on the committee's first two meetings, which, among other things, resulted in the adoption of minimum requirements for the position.

The ad hoc committee created to help the City of Dunsmuir in its search for an interim city manager is accepting applications until Jan. 5.

Councilor and ad hoc committee member Dick Kelby gave a report on the group’s first two meetings during the council’s regular meeting Thursday night, Dec. 18, at Dunsmuir High School.

Kelby said the committee adopted minimum requirements for the position and developed a scorecard system for evaluating candidates.

Dunsmuir is currently without a city manager while Brenda Bains is on medical leave. The position needs to be filled on an interim basis until more is known about Bains’ status.

The suggested minimum requirements adopted by the committee are:

• A BA in any field with four years of California municipal administrative experience or

• An MA in Municipal Administration with some actual experience or

• A retired California city manager;

• Experience with the municipal side of the manager/council form of government;

• An understanding of the financial structure and restrictions of small communities;

• A working rather than supervisorial manager;

• Experience in managing municipal enterprises; and

• Knowledge of “fund balance” software.

The committee, which includes Kelby, Mayor Dave Keisler, planning commissioner Rick Galassi, city employee Julie Iskra, and former council member Mario Rubino, plans to use its scorecard system for evaluating candidates both independently and as a group on Jan. 5.

Kelby said all applications and scorecards will then be presented to the council for evaluation during a special council meeting scheduled for Jan. 8.

The ad hoc committee is suggesting that the council as a whole “follow the same evaluation procedure to select the most appropriate applicants for consideration,” according to Kelby’s report.

It was clarified during Thursday’s council meeting that the committee is “doing the legwork,” but the entire council will be involved in choosing the candidate who will be offered the position.

Kelby said the committee had not yet determined the process for completing background checks, interviewing candidates and salary negotiations.

He said the first three minimum requirements on the list were presented to the committee by a representative of the International City Managers Association.

Keisler said the adopted requirements reflect a desire to hire “somebody who can hit the ground running.”