"The Jinx" star Robert Durst's recent arrest is just the latest in a series of legal troubles for the 71-year-old real-estate heir accused of murdering three people.

In 2003, Durst went on trial for the murder and dismemberment of his Galveston, Texas, neighbor, Morris Black. While many considered the case a slam dunk in finally putting Durst behind bars after the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman, and disappearance of his wife 21 years prior, Durst's high-powered defense attorney claimed self-defense and he was acquitted of murder.

Those who had been following the high-profile case went nuts after the verdict, which was covered on every major news outlet.

Even "Saturday Night Live" mocked the shocking verdict.

In the November 13, 2003, episode of "Saturday Night Live," Fred Armisen played Robert Durst ...

... being interviewed by Tony Bennett, played by host Alec Baldwin.

While video of the sketch is not available online, HBO's "The Jinx" plays a clip from it in episode five.

Following Durst's weekend arrest and everyone's fascination with the case following Sunday's explosive "The Jinx" finale, the sketch is now more relevant than ever.

Read the funny transcript below:

Tony Bennett/Alec Baldwin: I guess you're right. I'm glad you're here anyway. I'd like to bring out my first guest. He's a millionaire who chopped up his neighbor in their apartment complex. Some people seem to have a beef with that. He just won the big court case, so I bet he's got some pep in his step. Please welcome Robert Durst. [Creepy white-haired dude comes in, sits.] Thank you for coming, Robert. You look great. Hey, that's a real top-notch sport coat. James Garner I mean, eat your heart out!

Robert Durst/Fred Armisen: Oh why thank you!

So how's it going?

Well, better now. I was a little scared there for a while.

Now, uh, you chopped up your neighbor! Tell us about that.

Well, he raged at me. And as I was defending myself, I fell and accidentally ... chopped him up.

Man, that's outta sight. Now, I'm a pretty laid-back kind of guy. But I've had my own gripes with my neighbors over the years. You know, one summer I lived next door to Richie Sambora at Big Bear Lake. And this dude had a tropical bird the size of Chita Rivera that just wouldn't stop squawking.

Oh, that would wear me out.

You telling me, Robert. Now, what's the scoop on this first wife of yours that went missing? Did you chop her up, too?

I had absolutely nothing to do with that ...

Hey, Robert. hold that thought on the chopping-up-your-missing-wife business. I gotta mention one of our sponsors. [Holds up a maxi-pad package.] Stayfree Super Maxi Pads with four-wall protection. Robert, do you mind? [Robert holds the maxi-pads.]

In my book, all ladies should look like Angie Dickinson. That's why it's a shame when their monthlies keep them from wearing cream-colored pantsuits. You know, I once made love to Angie Dickinson for seven hours! Then a security guard came in and said, "Mr. Bennett, Madame Tussauds is closing."[Throws maxi pads away.]

Anyway, we're back with Robert Durst. Now, they also say that you're something of a cross-dresser.

Well, you know, on occasion. I have dressed in women's clothing ... accidentally, yes.

Well, I think it's just great when you can put on women's clothes, have a fight with a neighbor who rages at you, chop him up, and then you both just say "uncle." You know, I still regret not clearing things up with Richie Sambora. Sometimes I think that's why I have trouble sleeping. In fact, I'll just call him up right now and try to get the whole thing over with. [Picks up phone.] Our friends at AT&T will connect me. [Phone rings.]

Richie Sambora [over the phone]: Yeah? Yeah?

Tony Bennett/Alec Baldwin: Is this Richie Sambora?

Sambora: Yeah. Who is this?

Tony Bennett/Alec Baldwin: This is your neighbor, Tony Bennett. I got a beef with your bird.

Tony Bennett/Alec Baldwin: [Hangs up phone.] I heard it. He said, "I'm sorry." That's what I've been waiting for 12 years. A simple apology from Richie Sambora. Isn't it great, Robert, when it all works out in the end?

Robert Durst/Fred Armisen: It's so great. It really is the best.

Tony Bennett/Alec Baldwin: Fat Joe, I'm gonna have to catch you on the flipside. I wanna say thanks to my guests, Robert the neighbor chopper, Angie Dickinson, Richie Sambora, those maxi-pads with four-wall protection, and crazy Pat, the rooster sucker!

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