Real estate broker Ross Abbasi, one of three candidates on the ballot for the Mount Shasta City Council special election, said he wants to help turn Mount Shasta into an “icon” and bring businesses here.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of profiles on the three candidates on the June 2 special election ballot for one seat on the Mount Shasta City Council.

Real estate broker Ross Abbasi said he wants to help turn Mount Shasta into an “icon” and bring businesses here.

Originally from Iran, Abbasi has been in this region for 46 years. He attended College of the Siskiyous and went on to pursue a master’s degree in engineering at California State University Los Angeles.

Along with his 36 years in the real estate industry, Abbasi has professional experience in software development, electrical engineering, and international business management.

He said he has traveled all over the world, seen many cities, and hopes to apply his experience to Mount Shasta.

He supports the Crystal Geyser bottling plant because of the potential for creating jobs in the city.

Asked about ideas for The Landing property at the south end of town, Abbasi said, “The city wants commercial development, but we don’t have the businesses or population to support that.”

He said he would like to see “some type of community” there of people who own their own businesses.

Asked if he meant building some kind of housing, he said no, but he knows big groups of people like to come to “camp in the city and get the energy of the mountain.”

Abbasi’s campaign letter reads, “My career has taught me to continuously explore new ways to solve problems. With my leadership style, experience and high education, I am well equipped to be your next city councilor.”

Abbasi is involved community organizations such as the Elks, Masonic Lodge, the Shriners, and church. He’s the proud father of four and has five grandchildren in southern California.

He said he had hoped to run for city council during the November 2014 election, but was deterred due to a medical emergency.

One of Abbasi’s ideas for improving Mount Shasta involves providing more resources for seniors, such as housing.

When asked what motivated him to run for city council, Abbasi said, “I want to pay back to a community that I love.”