I love a good to-do list. Nice penmanship. Little boxes to check off. Thatís how my scattered brain finds order.

Unfortunately, my spiritual life doesnít work that way. I thought I had mastered the whole topic of loving my neighbors. I even wrote about it for an entire month last year, but still it stalks me.

Have I designed my life around loving others or only around my own comfort? Have I made room in my day-to-day and in my budget? Of course these questions surface at the time when I have more freelance work than normal and weíre trying to eliminate debt. Spiritual lessons never come at a convenient time, just at the right time.

I know Iím more likely to share with someone who is homeless when I have something in my car. Iím more likely to send a card or take a plant when I donít have to rush out and buy one. Iím simply more likely to help when Iím prepared.

So, Iím adding something new to my to-do list: A hospitality party. My plan is to invite people to bring clippings from plants and dried ingredients for soups that we can keep in our pantries and deliver to friends who are sick. Iíll ask if they have sample-sized toiletries, granola bars or bus passes to share. And maybe those unused cards and baskets in our closets would be perfect for someone else and their loved ones.

I suspect, if we come together, we already have most of what we need to bless others in their time of need.

It will take some coordinating, some sharing of recipes and some research. But being prepared will be worth it. Love is always worth the work.

What are some of the ways you make it easier to show love to your friends and neighbors? What are some of your tried-and-true suggestions? Please email me at markettagregory@yahoo.com or share your ideas at the Simply Faithful page on Facebook so we can all learn together.