Apple's WWDC developers conference event lasted over two hours Monday, but it still couldn't fit in time to reveal and demonstrate all the new features and updates we'll find in iOS 9, the upcoming operating system for iPhones and iPads. We've picked out some of the cool features they couldn't demonstrate at WWDC that you'll surely find useful.  

The new font

If you didn't know about it, you could miss it entirely. Apple is switching from the Helvetica Neue font to its new San Francisco font it currently uses on the Apple Watch. It's almost identical to Helvetica, but slightly taller with more spacing between letters in some instances. The number "0" would appear less round and more vertically oval, for example.

The keyboard will have lower case letters

The letter keys in previous version of iOS were always capitalized, which meant we were reliant on the Shift key's overly subtle color change from black to white to know if the next letter we'd be typing would be capitalized or not. The keyboard in iOS 9 will de-capitalize letters to make things clearer.

iCloud Drive

This is a new app which will work much like Dropbox does by letting you manage documents, photos, and other files from different devices as long as you're connected to the internet or your carrier's network. 

Easily search for settings

While iOS 9 will surely be as intuitive as its predecessors, there will still be times when we might not remember where to find the setting you're trying to change. The new search box in settings will let you search for the setting you're looking for without needing to dig through the Settings app. The screenshot above shows what kind results would appear if you searched for "auto" in the Settings' search bar. It's like Spotlight, just for settings.

iPhone screen stays off when face down

Your iPhone screen lights up for a few seconds when you receive a notification, but your iPhone's battery life can suffer if you get a lot of notifications and the screen keeps turning on throughout your day. As a battery-saving measure in iOS 9, you'll be able to place your phone face down on a flat surface and the screen will stay off.

Better notification shade in iPad in landscape mode

The notification shade for iPad in iOS 9 will feature two columns, whereas there was only one column in iOS 8, which didn't show as much useful information.

Use the silent-mode switch for screen rotation

The silent-mode switch on the left of every iPhone is one of the main differentiators from Android phones, as you can silence your phone's ringtone and notification sounds with a simple flick of the switch rather than digging through settings. But if you'd prefer to enable or disable screen rotation more easily, iOS 9 will let you change the switch's function to do just that.

Disable vibration

According to MacRumors, we'll be able to disable the iPhone's vibrations, which could have a slight battery-saving effect if you receive lots of notifications throughout the day. It'll also prevent you from annoying coworkers if your phone constantly buzzes.

New apps designed for older iOS devices

Apple is said to implement "app thinning" into iOS 9, which means you'll be able to download a version of the app designed specifically for your iOS device. That means that if you have an older iOS device, you won't download unnecessary features in the app that you can't use, like NFC for Apple Pay for example.

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