Joel Glick, author, armchair philosopher, punster and artist, loved the Mt. Shasta community where he found friends and community in abundance. He was happy elsewhere, as his personal philosophy was that everything is in perfect order, but his years in Mt. Shasta were among the best in his 89 years of life.

Born on March 22, 1926 in Chicago IL, USA, Joel passed away at home on July 14, 2015.

His important papers included the following:

• 1926 - City of Chicago certified certificate of birth and Birth Registration for Joel Nathan Glickstein

• 1946 - Honorable discharge papers - Army. He served as a high speed radio operator in Greenland in WWII, (Sgt. 767th AAF BU 137th AACS SQ).

• 1947 - Transcript from the Northern Illinois college of optometry, from which he graduated in good standing.

• 1947 - a poem "When I take the Vow Of Silence" by

Paramahansa Yogananda

• 1950 - state of IL registered optometrist certificate

• 1972 - program from the Mark-Age 1972 Summer Tour Team covering the fourth dimension, linking of lights, reincarnation, second coming, meditation, karma, UFOs, ESP and spiritual government of our solar system.

• There are no written records of Joel's time selling interior design services for hotels in Cuba, living on a houseboat in Miami where he began making jewelry, his year with a share of a silver mine in AZ, or his time living in South San Francisco prior to moving to Mt. Shasta.

Joel loved sound and music. He played with local groups when invited to sit in and loved the jazz and music scene in Chicago, Florida and here in Shasta.

Joel's crystal and gemstone "joelry" as he called his pendants, are now sold at the Crystal Room in Mt. Shasta. They were also sold in Big Sur at the Ventana and Post Ranch Inn Gift Shops and even once appeared on the front page of Life and People Magazines as worn by Gilda Radnor.

He authored books including Healing Stoned, The Therapeutic Use of Gems and Minerals (1976), Stratagems, A Mineral Perspective (1985), ProFunDities, Perspectives Within the Human Consciousness (1999), and Letters to the Editor, a collection of letters published in the Mt. Shasta Herald over several years. All titles are available on or at this time.

He was an amazing man. Friend to all, touching so many lives. Will be missed beyond belief.

Joel was the son of Roy and Anna Glickstein (nee Kiss), and was predeceased by his sister, Elaine G. Zisook. Joel's nephews Robert, Ron (Louanne), and Rick (Elsa) Zisook, and great niece Rachel Zisook wish to thank Mercy Hospice and all of Joel's friends, especially Vicki Gold, for making it possible for Joel to pass peacefully at home, surrounded by friends and family.