Volunteers with Siskiyou Food Assistance packed and distributed enough groceries to provide approximately 300 families in Siskiyou County with a Thanksgiving dinner they can prepare at home.

The annual Siskiyou Food Assistance Thanksgiving box distribution was held, next door to the Greyhound bus depot in Weed.

One team of volunteers stayed outside to hand out “a ton of turkeys,” while another team managed grocery bags stuffed with everything else needed for a Thanksgiving feast.

Hundreds of brown paper bags lined up in neat rows were ready to give away to families in need.

Siskiyou Food Assistance Executive Director Denise Spayd said a group of people arrived earlier in the day to pick up reserved meals. After those were distributed, the remainder of approximately 300 turkey dinners were handed out on a first-come, first-served basis until 2 p.m.

Funding for the meals was provided by a Ford Family Foundation grant.

“We have a really smart shopper,” said one volunteer, “she knows how to get the most out of the money we receive so people really get as much food as possible.”