Both northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 5 were diverted through the City of Weed for approximately four hours Tuesday, July 5, as Hazardous Materials crews cleaned up a diesel spill that resulted from a traffic accident.

Hazardous Materials crews were used to clean up approximately 15 gallons of spilled diesel fuel following a collision on Interstate 5 at Central Weed Tuesday, July 5.

Both northbound and southbound lanes of I-5 were diverted through the City of Weed for approximately four hours, according to the Mount Shasta Area California Highway Patrol office.

The CHP reported the following about the incident:

CHP officers responded to the collision at about 4:35 p.m. according to the report.

“John Cornwell, 56, of Central Point Ore, was driving a 2012 Volvo tractor pulling a set of double trailers on I-5 northbound at the Central Weed underpass. His attention was distracted from the roadway and he allowed the Volvo to drift to the left in the construction zone where it collided into the temporary concrete k-rail. The impact into the wall caused the fuel tank to become dislodged from the Volvo, and it subsequently caught fire.

“The Volvo traveled through the center median and into the southbound lanes where it came to rest blocking the southbound lanes.

“Approximately 15 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled during the collision and Hazardous Materials crews were called to clean up the spill.

“Luckily, motorists traffic traveling on I-5 southbound were able to slow and avoid a collision with the Volvo.

“Cornwell was properly restrained and was uninjured.”