Heavy rainfall and high winds are expected in northern California and beyond in the coming days, according to the National Weather Service in Medford, Ore.

Heavy rainfall and high winds are expected in northern California and beyond in the coming days, according to the National Weather Service in Medford, Ore.

The NWS has issued a High Wind Watch for Saturday morning through Saturday evening with gusts from 45 to 55 miles per hour.

A potent storm system is expected to strengthen as it pushes inland over the Pacific Northwest Thursday and Friday, according to a NWS report.

Impacts of the strong winds could result in many downed and damaged trees in the Mt. Shasta area and other peaks and ridges of the Cascades and Siskiyous.

The NWS says a High Wind Watch means there is potential for a hazardous wind event. Sustained wind speeds of at least 50 MPH or gusts of 75 MPH or stronger may occur.

According to the NWS report, a system over the Eastern Pacific “is expected to move onshore over the Northwest and advance inland to the Northern Plains/Central Rockies into the Great Basin by Friday into Saturday.

“A plume of moisture from the Pacific will move into parts of the Pacific Northwest/Northern California Coast and move southward along the coast to Central California by Friday evening/Saturday morning.

“The storm will produce heavy rain and strong wind over parts of the Northwest Coast/Northern California Coast on Thursday morning into Friday.

“The rain will move inland to parts of the Northern Rockies by Thursday evening continuing through Saturday. On Friday, the rain will move into Central California and into parts of the Great Basin and the Central Rockies.

“Additionally, highest elevation snow will develop over parts of the Northern Rockies Friday evening into Saturday.”

NWS reports that “a strong jet stream stretching across the Pacific Ocean will bring a steady stream of moisture into the Pacific Northwest with these storms. This will result in heavy rainfall across the region. The heaviest rainfall will be with the storm on Saturday as the remnants of Typhoon Songda are pulled into the stream.

“Rainfall amounts of over 6 inches at the coast and western Siskiyou County, to over 13 inches on the extreme southern coast can be expected through Monday.

“Three to six inches can be expected inland to the Cascades with one to two inches east of the Cascades from Thursday to Monday.

“These forecast totals across the region are equal to or higher than the totals normally seen through the entire month of October.

“While main stem rivers will experience significant rises due to these storms, they are not expected to flood. Small streams and urban areas could experience high water or even flooding where there is poor drainage. As this is the first large storm of the rainy season, there is the potential for debris to clog storm drains, ditches and culverts resulting in flooding.

“Another concern is the heavy rain falling on recent burn scars. If you live downstream of a recent burn scar, or if you are just driving through a burn scar, stay alert as there is a high risk of flash flooding and debris flows in and below burned areas.”