The Mount Shasta Trail Association and BikeShasta announced major progress in the development of the Shastice Bike Park – a grouping of bike flow trails and features to help young bicyclists develop and enjoy mountain biking.

To celebrate the progress in building the bike park, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Oct. 22.

The bike park is located on land owned and managed by the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District at Shastice Park. The Parks District, Trail Association, and BikeShasta entered an agreement to guide the development of the bike park in 2014.

Since then, development of the bike park has been supported by funds and labor provided by many volunteers, Mountain Wheelers, Mt. Shasta Ski Park, MSTA, BikeShasta, and three grants administered by the Shasta Regional Community Foundation: Patricia L. Kimball Endowment Fund, Owens Healthcare Community Fund, and the McConnell Fund. Some conceptual design work and oversight was provided by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

The initial rationale and need for the bike park came out of the development of the Gateway Trail system on national forest lands adjoining the city. The building of the Gateway trails revealed that many illegal biking jumps and features were being built on the forest. The thinking was to provide many of the same type of features in a safe and sustainable environment at Shastice Park.

Since then, the bike park has become a stand-alone recreation attraction, primarily targeting young cyclists to help them build skills and experience the enjoyment and challenges of biking trails. It is complemented by its location next to the Mt. Shasta Skatepark.

The bike park currently provides two riding areas: flow trails and a skills track. The flow trails are gravity trails with challenges provided by banked turns, jumps and bumps. The goal is to develop a rhythm and minimize the need for braking or pedaling.

The skill features track is for the youngest riders and consists of a circular course containing ramps made of steel and wood.

While excited about this “major step forward in the bike park,” the MSTA and BikeShasta say they will continue to work on maintaining, improving and expanding the overall project.