Those who drive I-5 between Weed and Mount Shasta may have noticed new exit signs being installed recently.

The exit sign for South Weed Blvd. now reads Vista Drive.

Rob Stinger, Chief of the Traffic Operations Office for Caltrans in Redding, said they are getting away from naming exits after the town or city. Stinger said they are not trying to make it more confusing, but to make things more clear.

“Exits should be named for the cross street,” he said.

“If we can replace all the signs that need to be upgraded, we’ll take that opportunity to name the signs.”

Signs for Abrams Lake and Summit Drive/Truck Village Drive have already been upgraded as well and their names remained the same.

Stinger said when I-5 was built in the 1960s and ’70s traffic and goods began to move along the new freeway instead of old Highway 99. Communities along Highway 99 were concerned their cities and businesses would “dry up and blow away” if their community names were not on the signs along I-5.

He said Caltrans is also upgrading many exit signs along I-5 in other northern California counties.

Highway 97 at the Lincoln Avenue intersection will also see improvements, according to Stinger. A new pedestrian activated beacon will be installed on

Highway 97 before the crosswalk and a flashing beacon will be located at the crosswalk. Caltrans will also make improvements to the crosswalk and lighting in that area.