Ernie Rosenberg of Mount Shasta says he wrote the book “Amy Meets the Saints and Sages” to help give young people ages 7 to 12 “a taste of the beauty and wisdom of six major world religions.”

The book presents a saint/sage from Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Native Americans, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism. Three are women and three are men. Three are alive and three have passed away. In chronological order from oldest to youngest they are: Rabi’a (Islam), St. Francis of Assisi (Catholicism), Baal Shem Tov (Judaism), Grandma Aggie (Native American), H.H. the Dalai Lama (Tibetan Buddhism), and Amma (Hinduism).

Rosenberg states in a press release that the book’s focus is religious tolerance, which he sees as being “essential so that children can successfully navigate our often bewildering and violent world.”

He describes “Amy Meets the Saints and Sages” as non-denominational and fully illustrated.

“The saint/sages encapsulate the religions in the way they live, and thus the young person is introduced to a religion through one of its purest and most important forms,” according to Rosenberg. “The book is not designed to provide details of the religions nor to teach rituals or history. It does not attempt to describe or resolve conflicts. All these have been well addressed by other books and films. The over arching purpose of the book is for the young person to fall in love with the saints and sages.”

“Amy Meets the Saints and Sages” is available from Soul Connections in Mount Shasta.

A previous book by Rosenberg, “Amy’s Best Friend, Prayers of a Child,” focuses on children 3-9 years old. It is also available at Soul Connections.

Both books are available on More detailed information is available at Rosenberg’s website:

According to the author’s biography on the website, Rosenberg holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology and a State of California teaching credential. He has taught from pre-school to graduate school in the public, private, and business sectors. He co-founded one of the early special education schools in the San Francisco Bay area and has run a home for teenagers in legal difficulty. He produced environmental education software, which was distributed by Apple Computer, Inc., and developed the first computer based training program adopted by the Zurich, Switzerland school system. Rosenberg has two children and two grandchildren. He lived for seven years in a meditation ashram where prayer and study of the saints were among his primary spiritual practices.