The Mount Shasta City Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, is the first one being held at the new location for meetings: the Recreation Center building at Mt. Shasta City Park.

The City has signed a lease agreement with the Recreation and Parks District for use of the building. Deputy City Clerk Kathryn Wilson said technical issues will prevent the meeting from being broadcast live, but the broadcasts are expected to resume sometime in February.

Agenda items for the Jan. 9 meeting include:

• Re-Adoption of Sewer Management Plan. Public comment will be heard on the updated 2010 Sewer System Management Plan, and staff requests the council approve a resolution to adopt the updated document.

• Re-Organization of Committees/Council Appointments. Three city council seats changed last month, leaving openings on several committees. Per council protocols, the Mayor reviews the list of assignments annually and makes appointments.

• Approval of Proposal for Audio/Visual and Broadcast System Equipment. Staff requests the council approve a resolution accepting the proposal from Siskiyou Media Council for a new audio/visual and broadcasting system and approve associated budget adjustments.

• Budget Adjustment for Qualtrics Subscription. The city’s planning department uses survey as a primary research method to gauge public opinion and collect data. Staff requests the council approve a budget adjustment to purchase a Qualtrics software license and 1,000 survey responses.

• Reimbursement of expenditures. Staff requests approval of two resolutions required by the State Water Resources Control Board, relating to the qualifications for reimbursement of the project costs for the Wastewater System Improvement Project.