South county high school students will join hundreds of thousands other spectators at the U.S. Capitol to watch Donald Trump take the Oath of Office and become President of the United States on Inauguration Day 2017, this Friday.

“You talk about a learning experience,” said Mount Shasta High School teacher Rob Harryman, a chaperone on the trip. “It’s definitely going to be an education. I’m excited for them.”

Weed High School senior Genna Fisher said, “I’m pretty much excited to see everything, because I would never get this experience.”

Kristin Clure, a Mount Shasta senior, has traveled overseas on other school trips and as an exchange student, but she said she’s never been to the capitol. “I’m really excited to go to Washington DC, because I’ve never been there. I just want to experience it. There’s a lot of history in that city.”

Twenty-one students from Mount Shasta, Weed, and Happy Camp high schools were scheduled to leave early Wednesday morning on a five-day trip as part of the World Strides student program.

WHS Academic Counselor Monika Van Baren said the kids raised $2,400 each to pay for the trip, including hotel, all sight seeing stops, plane tickets and all food except for two meals.

Along with attending the Inauguration, they will visit museums, memorials, historical sites, and have their photograph taken in front of the White House.

WHS junior Savanna Reynolds said she’s excited to see the Lincoln Memorial, Holocaust Museum and the Vietnam Wall, but feels nervous about the plane ride.

MSHS junior Ty Heyden said he has traveled to other countries, and on this trip he’s looking forward to experiencing the political system and seeing the inauguration.

Some of the students have not traveled much or ever flown in a plane.

WHS senior Richard Rivera said he’s excited to see “pretty much everything.”

“I don’t go many places, so to go all the way across country is pretty exciting,” he said.

Harryman, who teaches Civics, World History, and Economics, said he’s never been to DC before either.

“It’s the first time for me too,” he said. “I’m really excited about that.”

Clure, Heyden, and seniors Cameron DeBortoli, Avery Zimmerman, and Ryan Stalder will be going from MSHS with Harryman and his wife Cristin, who also teaches at the school.

Van Baren will be taking Fisher, Reynolds, Rivera and junior Shannon Jackson from WHS.

Both teachers have been familiarizing the students on the history and importance of the sites they will be visiting while in DC.

Zimmerman and Stalder said the trip will be a life experience. They, along with DeBortoli, can’t wait to see the Air and Space Museum.

Jackson is excited to take lots of pictures and get out of her “comfort zone.”

“I feel like it’s going to be a great experience.” said DeBortoli.