The recent snow storms caused mostly minor damage in McCloud, but two dwellings suffered major damage.

On the alley at the north end of California Street, a garage roof collapsed due to heavy snow weight.

Joanne’s Bed and Breakfast on Lawndale Avenue sustained major damage from a tree.

Jared Harney, estimator with About Trees, said on Sunday that approximately 30 to 40 feet of a tall pine tree broke off, speared the roof, and traveled through both stories of the building before embedding into the dirt of the sub-flooring.

The Bed & Breakfast was closed for the season, and the building was unoccupied. It was unknown exactly what day the tree top fell.

On impact, the exposed part of the broken tree snapped off at the roof line, landing on the deck on the side of the house.

The section of tree that speared through the house was de-limbed and debarked at the roof. It appeared as a pole in the bottom floor bedroom.

Other tree damage was reported to one vehicle in McCloud, minor damage to other buildings, and temporary street closures. McCloud residents have also had to deal with power outages.