The Mount Shasta Police Department reported that a man who ran while being arrested Sunday and then ordered his pit bull to attack pursuing officers was eventually subdued and booked on several felony charges.

MSPD posted a news release about the incident on its Facebook page along with video of the pursuit that was recorded with a Police officer’s body cam, according to Lieutenant Joe Restine.

The release states that the officer who was bit in the hand by the pit bull was taken to Mercy Medical Center, treated and released.

The dog was taken by Animal Control and, according to the release, “was booked into the Humane Society.”

MSPD initially responded to the Lake Street Station for a report of a subject acting aggressive towards customers, according to the release. Officers arrived to find 25-year-old Christopher David Gray of Mount Shasta.

As reported in the release:

“Gray initially gave a false name, but unfortunately for him, the sergeant on scene had dealings with him a few years ago and remembered who he was. A warrants check showed he had a warrant for parole violation.

“He was told he was under arrest and was advised to place his hands behind his back. Gray then ran away, and even tried to get into a passerby’s vehicle, but just like his luck, the door was locked.

“When officers caught up to Gray he turned his pit bull, and ordered it to attack the officers. The dog bit one officer in the hand and another officer was able to subdue the animal with a Taser.

“California Highway Patrol, California Fish and Game Law Enforcement, and Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and assisted in subduing Gray. Gray was booked into Siskiyou County Jail on the following Felony charges:

“69 PC resisting or deterring police by use of violence,

“245(c) PC assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer (other than a firearm),

“836.6(c) PC escape from the custody of a peace officer with use of violence,

“243(c)(1) PC assault on a peace officer requiring medical treatment,

“1203.2(a)(4) PC violation of Post Release Community Supervision Parole hold,

“664/215(a) PC attempted carjacking,

“399.5(a) PC using a trained attack dog,

“As well as a misdemeanor count of providing false identification to a peace officer.”