The Weed City Council will discuss fencing materials after receiving oral and written complaints about metal fences. The city has also received letters in support of metal fences.

Metal corrugated fencing is acceptable under city code, but several fences made from these materials have raised concerns about safety and aesthetics.

It has been placed on the Weed City Council agenda for Thursday, March 9, at 5:30 p.m. at Weed City Hall.

Holly Hansard said she thinks her metal fence is beautiful. She has already spent thousands of dollars on materials and countless hours building it.

Weed City Manager Ron Stock said Hansard was issued a permit for a six foot metal fence. A couple other citizens were also issued permits.

Hansard said a section of her fence is built out of metal salvaged from her childhood family barn. She has added a hammered copper and redwood trim to parts of the fence for decoration.

Hansard calls it “Art Born of Grief,” because she lost her home in the Boles Fire. The salvaged metal which was stacked in her yard at the time of the fire was burned, but not destroyed. The remaining fencing around her property is built from new corrugated metal with wood beams painted a turquoise color.

Hansard said the corrugated metal is fire resistant. The newer metal sections can be aged or treated to have a patina or oxidized look.

Stock said if the council should decide to change the code and disallow corrugated metal fences, those persons who built fences with a permit will have a reasonable amount of time to use their existing fence before they would have to comply with a new code.

Other regular agenda items for the March 9 Weed City Council meeting include:

A public hearing to hear testimony from persons who received a public nuisance notice. After the hearing, council members may declare their findings.

Council will consider adoption of a resolution stating intention to revise the city’s water and sewer rates.

Council will consider adoption of an ordinance that amends the city manager ordinance by adding a section pertaining to the human resources responsibilities.

An audit presentation for fiscal year 2015/2016.

Council will consider approval of the budget calendar for fiscal years 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.

The consent agenda includes approving purchases for police department firearms, and a public works department sewer camera.

Also, Vicki Gold of the Water Flows Free group is encouraging people to attend the meeting to hear information about the pursuit of the city’s water rights.