This weekend will see two community races at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park.

Saturday’s 9th annual Over the Hill Classic is described as “a fun race benefiting the ‘Beautification of Mt. Shasta City.’” Last year’s proceeds went to the Mt. Shasta City Beautification Committee and helped buy flower baskets for the downtown area.

Over the Hill is an open community race for skiers and snowboarders age 50 and older. Contestants will have the chance to descend an exhilarating giant slalom course “guaranteed to make one feel 10 years younger,” according to a press release. Snacks and a raffle will follow in the afternoon

Among this year’s raffle prizes, a piece of art by Mt. Shasta’s Mei Drucker will be auctioned.

Each year the event has featured a collectible poster in the vintage ski poster style. This year’s poster has a distinctive “twist.” The skier is from the Altay Mountains of Northern China where tribal people have been skiing for centuries as a way to hunt in the deep winter snow. The artwork includes Mt. Shasta in alpenglow, cherry blossoms of spring, and an Altay skier in ceremonial dress.

Mei Drucker’s paintings are inspired by bright colors, strong emotion and the rhythmic beauty of dance.

Copies of the art will be sold at the raffle and a framed original print will be auctioned.

The raffle will be held in the afternoon on the lower sun deck at the Ski Park. Contestants and the public are invited to join in the fundraising raffle.

The following day, Sunday, March 19, the Gene Landsman Super Slalom Race will be held as a benefit for the Mt. Shasta Ski and Snowboard Team’s Coaches Fund.

Day of race registration will be in the upper lodge of the Ski Park beginning at 8:30 a.m. Racing will begin at 10:30. The Mt. Shasta Ski and Snowboard Team has online registration and more information on its website: