Music director Greg Eastman thanked Emerson in the concert program for his "love of bringing music to the young people of the world in a time they so desperately need it!"

The Mount Shasta and Weed High School choirs paid tribute to Roger Emerson during their Spring Concert in the Kenneth Ford Theater in Weed Tuesday night, May 30, 2017.

Music director Greg Eastman told the audience they chose songs arranged by Emerson that were either well known or personal favorites. He thanked Emerson in the program “for your mentorship, passion, humor and support... but most importantly, for your love of bringing music to the young people of the world in a time they so desperately need it! Our community, and the larger music community, is blessed to have you.”

Emerson has been a professional composer and arranger for 40 years. He is a longtime resident of Mount Shasta. He has created pieces for the largest music publisher in the world and has approximately 1,000 music titles to his credit.

The evening began with the MSHS Concert Band playing “Centuria Overture” and “Fanfare and Furiosity.”

Among the songs the WHS choir sang were “In Flanders Fields” (arr. Emerson) with soloist Taran Miller; and “I Dreamed a Dream” with Danielle Ramirez and Leanna Baxter singing solos.

Baxter also sang solo “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker.

Eastman said this is the fourth year working with the WHS choir.

All choirs joined to sing “The Water is Wide” before the MSHS Chamber Singers and Jazz Choir took the stage.

The MSHS Concert Choir featured soloists Cale Duplechien, Anna Taylor, Miranda Connelly, Ashley Taylor, and Erin Blockman in their acappella presentation of “Imagine” (arr. Emerson).

MSHS student Cora Fesler sang a solo during “Over the Rainbow” (arr. Emerson) and “Gravity.” Kiersten Barham sang a solo in “Kaleidoscope.”

The choirs were accompanied by Flora Perlman and Dave Reynolds on the piano, and Doug York on the drums.

Approximately 250 people attended the evening concert.

Seniors who have been in the program for more than a year were presented with a cord to wear.

WHS seniors are Danielle Ramirez, Elysia Taylor, Genna Fisher, Levi Stampfli, Carly Goltz, Taran Miller, Leanna Baxter.

MSHS seniors are Chance Clark, Hannah McCauley, Carli Collord, Sierra Delmar, Mason Fitzmorris, Kevin Mangis, Thairen Sivongsa, Avery Zimmerman, Emily Andrus, Kiersten Barham, Abraham Barr, Sam Benedict, Mikaela Cartwright, Lauren Chavez, Chris Cheula, Amelia Crocket, Cale Duplechien, Tyyler Enright, Bre Ford, Evan Gatewood, Lincoln Hutchinson, Montana Lahey, Kristine Lujan, Marissa Melo, Megan Melo, Katarina Pautz, Jordan Rees, Madison Sager, Tyler Santi, Zach Summers, Bella Williams, Chandler Berg, Cora Fesler, and Dylan Kennedy.