Sorry to ruin your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, but we’ve got two words for you.

Free. Doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme is giving away a free dozen original glazed doughnuts with the purchase of another dozen at regular price.

The deal will run from Monday, Jan. 14 through Sunday, Jan. 27. All you have to do to get your free dozen is sign up for the Krispy Kreme rewards program. You can only use the deal once, so use it wisely.

Want a FREE Original Glazed dozen with the purchase of any dozen? Sign up for Rewards today!

— Krispy Kreme (@krispykreme)January 14, 2019

And it’s good timing, too -- Krispy Kreme just introduced a new chocolate glaze doughnut that’s available for a limited time through Jan. 27, so you may as well buy a dozen of those to get your free dozen.