As always on the first Sunday of June, the 46th McCloud Flea Market brought many prepared out-of-towners carrying backpacks or pulling carts or little wagons ready to be filled with treasures and looking for great bargains.

“You can find antiques, collectibles, hard to find mechanical and auto parts, to soaps, olive oil, jams, clothes, toys, crafts, everything you need or want, as well as a variety of good food,” said McCloud Chamber of Commerce President Claudette Silvera. “And good music with WildWoman Sounds. It is all here and people have a lot of fun as well.”

She said the 144 booths at the 2017 Flea Market included several new vendors, and the temperature wasn’t as hot as previous years.

“We were fortunate to have several volunteers, including a couple vendors, to help mark the street for the booths, which was very helpful because it is one of the hardest parts of putting this event together,” Silvera said. “The day went well and the vendors seemed satisfied.”

“One of the most unusual items we saw today is a Korean 3D painting from the 1920s to ’30s of a tiger embroidered with tiger’s fur that values from $385 to $425,” said Tanya Vincent of Antique Appraisals, who was there with her father Carl Vincent evaluating items people either brought from home or found at the Flea Market.

“It was inherited,” Tanya said of the painting. “A Mount Shasta man brought it in.”

She said they saw “a vast array of different items, like a soapstone bust of a woman on a marble base and a fire car instead of a fire truck. Lots of people brought items from home to be appraised. It kept us busy all day until the last hour. It was a constant stream of people.”

An excited Sandy Berry said, “I just got the best bargain ever. It is a 10 by 10 gazebo from the McCloud Hotel for $60. You can’t even get a blue pop-up for that price. The four corners are wrought iron. I got it from Wendy Crist’s booth. Her booth has lots of different stuff from when she moved and downsized.”

A visitor from Maryland, Josh Chase, found a great deal on a two-man saw, also known as a misery whip. He bought it from Darren Minard’s booth to give to his father-in-law who eyed it earlier.

“I was asking more for it earlier, but I sold it for $20 because I didn’t want to bring it home in my Jeep. It is six feet long,” said Minard.

Dan and Christy Liman of Cottonwood spent the weekend in McCloud celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. Dan was carrying their sleeping 20 month old, while Christy pushed a stroller full of items they purchased.

“We came for our anniversary, and we are getting things for our four boys,” said Christy. “So far, we found a catcher’s mitt, hot wheels, a camel back, an Oakland Raiders floor mat, and we are looking for something for our daughter too.”

As the day progressed, people seemed to be walking slower, with their arms full of collectibles, artwork and handcrafted items, or they were eating wraps, steak sandwiches or snowcones while browsing. Tired and sleeping children were being carried because their strollers were full of treasures purchased from booths that looked a lot more empty than they did at the start of the day.