Marilyn Quinn White saw old friends during the 2017 Dogwood Daze celebration in Dunsmuir and purchased a pie that she says "represented my youth."

I grew up in Dunsmuir, spoiled on CSL (comfort, security and love). Which seems to be rare in this day and age. Any bad habits or traits, I absolve my parents from. I had the best childhood in the world.

My sister and I helped our 85 year old mother clean out her garage so she could participate in the Dunsmuir Dogwood Daze City Wide Garage Sale. Since my sister lives back east, I volunteered to go down and help her on the day. (I live in Medford, OR).

It was the most organized bunch of stuff you ever saw. We sorted out car care stuff and sold it by the box. Christmas stuff by the box. Picture frames by the box. You get the picture. We even made price tags cut from grocery sacks in the shape of, you know, price tags, and put those little white round stickers on the hole that came from a new box bought at “Fine Day” Dan Decker’s 5 and 10 cent store marked 5 cents many years ago.

You remember things your folks used to tell you when you were growing up. My dad said “when you start thinking you are smart, that’s when you are really stupid.” Probably a quote from Confucius or someone who thought they were really smart.

My mother, on the other hand said “don’t eat pie for breakfast.” I wish I had listened now that I am the only one with any girth in the family.

So, I am in Dunsmuir for Dogwood Days. I read the flyer advertising the itinerary. There was a dog parade, which is a fallacy because the dog drags the people they own on a leash down the street, so it really is a people parade with dogs. There was a soap box derby, which I thought was really clever. Who thought of that? And a pie extravaganza.

Wait! A PIE EXTRAVAGANZA! Well, I made up my mind that I was going to participate in that. I went to the sale too early, so I shopped. This sale would have made The Pillsbury Dough Boy proud. There were apple, blackberry, blueberry, razzleberry, strawberry and strawberry rhubarb pies. There were cream pies, dream pies pumpkin and pecan. And one lemon blueberry.

I came back and was 75th in line. There were people buying, 2, 3 and 4 pies. So, I struck up a conversation with a woman in front of me. I asked her “are you from Dunsmuir?” She said that she grew up in Dunsmuir but lives in Davis now. And when she turned around, I said “you are Christie Kempton aren’t you?”

I hadn’t seen her in 46 years! We hugged and cried. This was a hug from kindergarten, Brownies, Girl Scouts, sleepovers, birthday parties, drivers licenses, prom and graduation. It was a hug from my childhood. A hug like I have never been hugged before.

So when I finally got up to buy my pie, the only whole one they had left was the lemon blueberry, so I bought it. That night when we had the pie for dessert (everybody but my mother that is), it was the best pie I have ever eaten.

It was a sentimental pie, a pie that represented my youth. So the pie put the frosting on the cake of the day. And by the way, we gave the other half away, so I couldn’t have it for breakfast, which made my mother happy.

In addition, I rekindled a special friendship with Yvonne Rose, who has become a friend to my mother. I saw Cindy Connelly, Rudy Barajas, Louie Capovilla and Lily Test. And I have since been reunited with Pam McGaugh, Rob Scofield and Steve Anderson on Facebook. PLUS! My mother’s sale was a huge success.

So thank you to all of those who planned and worked so hard to make the day a success. It meant the world to me.