A Culinary Action For Education (CAFE) committee that includes students, parents and board members has requested the endorsement as it makes plans to raise funds for a full commercial kitchen.

An effort to improve the meals in the Mount Shasta Union School District has been on ongoing topic at Board of Trustees meetings in recent months.

One of the action items on the Board’s June 13 agenda is whether or not to endorse the idea of a kitchen expansion.

A Culinary Action For Education (CAFE) committee that includes students, parents and board members Chris Marrone and Kay Scovill has requested that the Board endorse the idea of expanding a kitchen at one of the schools in the district into a full commercial kitchen.

Marrone said the committee has done much research on improving food quality in the district and wants to start fundraising for a full commercial kitchen as a long-term goal.

District superintendent Barry Barnhart is recommending that the board endorse the kitchen expansion idea in order to support the fundraising effort.

He said the district has no money to put towards the kitchen expansion, which he anticipates would require more than $100,000.

Along with the fundraising, Marrone said grant funds from the state and modernization money might be available.

Barnhart said the board’s endorsement would not cost the district any money nor commit the district to running its own food services program at this time. But it would allow fundraisers to say their effort is endorsed by the board.

The CAFE group is functioning as a superintendent’s committee and its members “have done a lot of legwork,” Barnhart said.

If they are successful in raising funds to expand the kitchen, Barnhart said it would “remove the roadblock of not having a commercial kitchen.”

He said the district “is lucky to have partnered with Weed Elementary School District for food services and appreciates Weed as a partner.”

The school meal improvement movement, according to information supplied by Wayne Kessler, was started in Mount Shasta by a group of Sisson students and introduced in December by eighth grader Maya Rawitch.

The Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for June 13 at 7 p.m. in the Education Center.

The agenda also includes public hearings on:

• Public Disclosure of CSEA Chapter #720 Collective Bargaining Agreement;

• Sun Shining MSETA’s Initial Negotiation Proposals with MSUSD for the 2017-2018 School Year;

• Sun Shining MSUSD’s Initial Negotiation Proposals with MSETA for the 2017-2018 School Year;

• MSUSD 3 Year Local Control Accountability Plan; and

• MSUSD 2017-2018 Budget.

Other action items on the agenda are:

• Approve Student-Family-School Compact;

• Approve/Ratify employment agreement with the Superintendent;

• Approve Tentative Agreement with CSEA Chapter #720 for 2016-2017;

• Approve Revised 2016-2017 Classified Salary Schedule;

• Evaluate Title I Program;

• Approve Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators.