10-foot tall Weebee started as a Snowman this past winter and is now rockin' the red, white and blue in a flamboyant, light-up, Uncle Sam style top hat, wild tie-dye t-shirt, and patriotic stars-&-stripes boxer shorts.

A 10-foot tall Dunsmuir resident was all decked out in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. Affectionately known as “Weebee” by his owner, lifelong Dunsmuir resident Evonn Rose, Weebee was prepared to celebrate Independence Day with a big bang, poised with 10-foot tall roman candle fireworks.

Weebee made his debut on Dunsmuir Avenue last December as the town’s tallest “snowman.”

A Renzenberger driver for Union Pacific employees, Rose had no prior theatrical design or costume construction experience before having a friend build the 10-foot tall plywood snowman for her.

Weebee has been a mother-daughter project from its inception, according to Rose. Since Weebee’s debut last winter, Rose and her daughter Farah Montgomery have collaborated on a series of costumes for the endearing neighborhood fixture:

Weebee celebrated Valentine’s Day dressed up as a mischievous giant Cupid (“Weebee Lovin’!”), and St. Patrick’s Day as a pot-of-gold totin’ leprechaun (“Weebee Rich!”). For Easter, Weebee was dressed up as a Harvey-size bunny rabbit wielding a big basket of colorful Easter eggs (“Weebee Hoppin’!”). Then, in true Dunsmuir style, Weebee celebrated the opening of fishing season, sporting fishing attire complete with a super-size fishing pole and creel, showing off his prize catch-of-the-day: a jumbo trout.

Over the course of Weebee’s lighthearted career, his ever-changing fashion statements have brought many smiles to local neighbors, tourists and traveling passersby. Rose says she has even seen tourists stop to take their pictures with Weebee.

After the winter holidays last year, Rose decided to keep Weebee up as a permanent fixture. Since then, she and her daughter have consistently kept Weebee outfitted in one festive get-up after another, always brainstorming about what Weebee’s next ensemble would be.

Speaking about the ongoing project, Rose said, “It’s been a lot of fun!”

Rose says they may give Weebee a final, new, summer look (featuring a beach towel, custom Weebee-size sunglasses, and a bigger-than-life, jumbo “bottle of suntan lotion”).

But this summer may be Weebee’s last hurrah under the creative costuming and decorating by Rose and Montgomery, as Weebee may soon be up for adoption. Rose said she has had a few people express interest in taking over the creative task of costuming and displaying the lovable giant.

Information as to a Weebee adoption fee was not available at the time of this writing. But Rose says she can be contacted at 6107 Dunsmuir Avenue if anyone is interested in adopting Weebee to help him continue his career as local smile-bringer and spirit-lifter.

In the meantime, Weebee can now be seen rockin’ the red, white and blue in a flamboyant, light-up, Uncle Sam style top hat, wild tie-dye t-shirt, and patriotic stars-&-stripes boxer shorts.