After 56 years as a pediatrician and neonatologist, Dr. Jack Haling of Mount Shasta retired from his practice at Fairchild Medical Center on July 5th 2017.

Dr. Haling, originally from Pueblo, Colorado, attended the University of Colorado and finished his training there in 1963. He then served in the US Navy from 1964-1967. While stationed at the naval base in San Diego, he spent nine months as the Medical Officer aboard a ship patrolling the South China Sea. In 1971 he, his wife Lynne and their three sons moved to Great Falls, Montana where he began training in the field of neonatology, the medical specialty of keeping very tiny babies alive. By 1977, he had been instrumental in establishing a neonatology ICU and nursery at the local Great Falls hospital.

For the next 25 years, he continued to expand his practice and received national recognition for his work. He also served as a clinical professor at the University of Washington. Then, in 2003, he and Lynne came to the Mount Shasta region on vacation. They fell in love with the area and, being ready for a change, they bought a house and moved to Mount Shasta in August of that year. Dr. Haling began working at Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka in 2005 and continued there until his retirement.

Whether performing emergency surgery to save a car crash victim or braving a Montana blizzard at midnight to reach the hospital to deliver a premature baby, his commitment, compassion and extraordinary skill has always been greatly appreciated by his colleagues and patients. There are, literally, thousands of people today who live healthy, contributing lives thanks to Dr. Haling. His kindness, expertise and service will be greatly missed in our medical community.

Dr. Haling is a very active member of the Dunsmuir Rotary.