With temperatures forecast to rise to their highest levels in 25 years this week in parts of Siskiyou County, the Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services has distributed a list of cooling centers.

SCOES says it coordinated with community resource centers and county libraries to provide the cooling centers for anyone needing a break from the heat.

Check with the resource center or library in your area to determine hours of operation.

• It was noted on the list that McCloud and Happy Camp branch libraries do not have cental air cooling systems.

Below is a list of participating community resource centers and libraries:


• Dunsmuir Community Resource Center, 5844 Dunsmuir Avenue, call 235-4400.

• Dunsmuir Branch Library, 5714 Dunsmuir Avenue, call 235-2035.

Mount Shasta

• Mount Shasta Community Resource Center, 109 E. Lake Street, call 926-1400.

• Mount Shasta Branch Library, 515 E. Alma Street, call 926-2031.


• Family & Community Resource Center of Weed, 260 Main Street, call 938-9914.

• Weed Branch Library, 150 Alamo Avenue, call 938-4769.


• Butte Valley Community Resource Center, 232 S. Oregon Street, call 397-2273.

Butte Valley Branch Library, 800 West Third Street, call 397-4932.


Etna Branch Library, 115 Collier Way, call 467-3661.

Fort Jones

• Scott Valley Family Resource Center, 11920 Main Street, call 468-2450.

Fort Jones Branch Library, 11960 East Street, call 468-2383.

Happy Camp

• Happy Camp Family Resource Center, 38 Park Way, call 493-5117.


• HUB Community Resource Center - Montague, 310 S. 13th Street, call 459-3481.

• Montague Branch Library, 230 S. 13th Street, call 459-5473.

Scott Bar

• Scott Bar Branch Library, Post Office, call 496-3248.


Tulelake Branch Library, 451 Main Street, call 667-2291.


• Madrone Senior Services - Yreka Community Center, 810 N. Oregon Street, call 841-2365. The Senior Bus will be available to pick up seniors, if needed. Call 530-841-2365.

• Yreka Community Resource Center, 201 S. Broadway Street, call 842-1313.

• Yreka Branch Library, 719 4th Street, call 841-4175.