NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Mt. Shasta City Council will conduct a public hearing at their regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, August 14, 2017 at the hour of 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the City Park Upper Lodge located at 1315 Nixon Road, Mt. Shasta, California.

Review of Special Fire Assessment Tax

The hearing will be held for a review by the City Council of the special tax assessment (Measure A) which was adopted by vote of the people and became effective July 1, 1994 for the purpose of providing funding for Fire Department equipment and related expenses.

At this hearing, the City Council shall hear and consider all objections or protests, if any, to the tax as levied and as proposed to be levied for the upcoming year. Upon conclusion of the hearing, the City Council may adopt, revise, change, reduce, or modify and tax levied, and may refund taxes paid. The City Council has found and declared that the above procedure is required for administrative reasons. It is recognized that certain parcels due to their topography, size, or other factor should not be subject to the total tax. Therefore the City Council may exercise its discretion on a case by case basis to examine the taxability of these particular parcels.

All those wishing to request a re-evaluation of this tax as levied on any particular parcel, or those wishing to comment on the tax in general are invited to submit written comments to Mt. Shasta City Hall, 305 North Mt. Shasta Blvd., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 not later than 4:00 p.m. August 11, 2017. Oral comment will be taken at the meeting.

Should any person challenge the proposals in court, that person may be limited to raising only those issues raised during the public hearing or in written correspondence delivered to City Hall prior to the public hearing.

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