A gathering at the old mill property in McCloud called Eclipse of Disclosure, Immersion and Summit has a Burning man feeling of people from around the world sharing, exchanging favors, sitting or walking together and visiting.

The McCloud Partners, Inc. hosted the event, which was created by Roger Richards and Adrianne Youngblood.

“This event is here to test the relationship with the town, the relationship with the mill,” explained Richards. “We are building and bridging relationships through higher consciousness with creating a unique intent here in McCloud with our speakers, our music, our food and vendors on the mill property site. The vision is potentially building something on the mill site to bring 5,000 people annually to McCloud."

All hotels, vacation rentals, and B&Bs in McCloud were full. The restaurants in town were busy. An estimated 350 to 400 people from around the world came to McCloud for the four-day event that was described in a welcome package as an “in-depth exploration of our collective consciousness and high vibrational community.”

It was scheduled to end with Monday’s solar eclipse followed by a free public meditation at 11:11 a.m. “to bring the world peace.”

Richards, in McCloud with one of his two daughters, said the gathering in McCloud was designed as a family event.

“I got involved with UFO topics and speakers over the last few years,” he said. “I saw a UFO in Mount Shasta three years ago. Since, I have been very connected to the mountain and wanted to come up here again. Mt. Shasta is the Rootchakra of the earth, and we want to bring people here to experience that.”

The list of speakers and those offering workshops for Eclipse of Disclosure was long and included Corey Goode, movie director Jay Weidner, mental health professionals, researchers, activists, healers, and life coaches such as Bentinho Massaro.

“Each speaker brings each of their own talents and dedication and shares their knowledge with these people,” said Richards.

Event organizer Richard Soto said, “This event is to wake people up from things the government is hiding from us. Speakers that were part of and are aware of the secret space program which has been using tax dollars to fund. Trillions of dollars are missing. They have anti-gravity since the ’40s, traveled the cosmos and they have technology that they keep hidden from us.”

Soto said, “There is a lot out there that they are keeping secret. We want to wake people up and demand changes because this world won’t survive any longer. We are living in fascinating times and can change the world if people will listen.”

Matthew Holmes from Oregon helped Sean Hessman from Philadelphia set up an awning for his message table. In return, Hessman gave Holmes a free message. There are about 20 or 30 volunteers that help organize, direct traffic, clean up and help with whatever needs to be done.

Cart Weal, a high energy, self-proclaimed, “humble” volunteer from Mount Shasta was keeping the coffee house tent clean. He said, “All I know is the vicarious experience of hearing everything of what everyone says and I return a little bit of the mountain’s wisdom attached.”

Porta-potties have been brought in and multiple shower stalls were built to accommodate the campers. There was a medical tent, a coffee and snack tent, separate tables and chairs under awnings for the “higher vibration” of local, organic, non-factory foods and meats catered by Headwaters Cooperative Catering, a local service with chef Kelley Crandall preparing vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

There were fire circles, drum circles, meditation and ceremonies. Many vendors offered organic food, jewelry, alternative healing methods, gem stones, and more.

“I am here with speaker Eric Raines,” said Siara Loveless of Salem, Ore., who was standing with her youngest child, eight-month-old Celeste. “He is giving workshops on energy work. This is a really good experience. The caliber of people is amazing. We are all here to change the world. Every one of his work sessions is a blend of fact-based and spiritual-based people here.”

Joyce Brann came to the event from Maui. She talked about what she got out of a workshop and how she saw it help other people. “The speaker grounded energy into helping people with their pain and understanding their identity. People have a fragile sense of who they are and it is a time of translating tools of personal authority and empowerment of owning their own experience of life to create a healthy world and how it serves us.”

La Laurrien Gilman from Portland, Ore., heard about the event through friends. “I am here because I love the message of Cory Goode and some of the other speakers. I am passionate of the topic of disclosure and it’s time for people to know what is really going on.”

Organizer Adrianne Youngblood said, “Our programming was to label people to be crazy or conspiracy theorists so you didn’t speak and held it inside. Now it is different, and people are waking up to concepts and truths and knowledge. This place is for people coming together to share. Check out GAIA.com. It is a great source of alternative information that is verified... The most common feedback here is that we all feel like family. We unite and take this energy out into the world.”