Rumors that the small Siskiyou County school was closing are untrue, according to Gazelle Union Elementary School District Board President Rebecca Bridwell.

Gazelle School wants to put the rumors to rest: the school is not closing, and its staff, board members and volunteers worked all summer doing upgrades inside the school, including painting and new carpets.

Gazelle Union Elementary School District Board President Rebecca Bridwell reported that the school opened Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, with a new administration with an interim superintendent, principal, and administrative assistant in the office.

Robert Bray is a new teacher; Mary Ingram is the principal; Steve Mitrovich is the interim superintendent; and Chris Beck is administrative assistant.

The school is accepting enrollments for classes K-8. The school bus route goes from Gazelle to Weed, and the school van goes to Yreka.

The school will be receiving a new school bus soon, which came through a grant thanks to John Eiler of Gazelle, according to Bridwell.

She wrote that “the staff will be taking a renewed approach to classroom discipline this year. The small school atmosphere sets it apart with a strong academic, high technology and team-oriented focus for every student to succeed.”

The school provides sports and healthy activities such as the 100-mile club in which students’ progress is tracked with medals presented at the end of the school year. The school is also trying to provide more life skills training and other life enrichment, according to Bridwell.

“The school is looking into fundraisers to help accomplish many goals to enrich our students and also to further upgrade our school grounds,” according to Bridwell.

If you are interested in sponsoring the school or providing donations, call Board President Rebecca Bridwell at (530) 598-5297. More information is available at the website: The website is being upgraded so check back frequently.

Those wishing to learn more or to enroll students can call the school at (530) 435-2321 or the school president at the number listed above.