Errol Coder, an award winning photographer who said he ventured west to cover the partial eclipse in Mount Shasta, took a series of photographs Monday morning while at Shastice Park and combined them into a single image he titled, "The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 Full Progression."

As described by Errol, he used a Canon XSi DSLR mounted on a video rig and tripod. Using a 300m Canon Zoom lens fully extended and manual focus, he mounted a “Daystar Solar Filter” in the front of the lens to protect it from the sun’s rays. Viewing through a near black solar filter, the only view-able object was the sun itself.

The camera was set at between f8.0-10 and 1/100-1/125 and he adjusted his settings when the light dwindled, as the moon passed across the face of the sun.

Coder said he is traveling the United States covering photography for various news agencies, as well as doing portraits and weddings where requested. See more information at