One Heart Collective has scheduled an open house for Saturday, Aug. 26, at 11 a.m.

McCloud has a new store on Main Street. One Heart Collective, “a global boutique making a difference in the lives of others one hand-crafted good at a time,” says chalkboard the sign at the entrance.

The sign also explains: “Your purchase: helps to rescue victims of human trafficking; is sourced ethically; helps to prevent child-abandonment, trafficking and slavery.”

Inside, this quaint little store is filled with one-of-a-kind apparel, handcrafted purses, jewelry, cards, leather products and fine art. There are teas, coffees and soup mixes to buy and make at home. They are expanding their online market at:

Just back from Uganda, John and Terina Dutton and their children have taken up residence in an upstairs apartment in what used to be known as the Brown Dog Gallery at the corner of Pine and Main Street. The Duttons have three biological children, Zach, Drew and Gabriella, and two older adopted Ethiopian sons, Mikias and Solomon.

Through their ministries, John and Terina went on a trip in 2006 to Ethiopia to help at an orphanage which is where they first met Mikias and Solomon.

“Solomon’s mother could not afford him so she left him when he was seven years old,” said Terina. “The place often did not have food, so he would make hunting tools and weapons. He would walk up to five miles to the river to get water, leaving his feet cut up. We adopted him.”

Terina said that was the seed that was planted in her heart. They worked in areas with an 80 percent unemployment rate. They stayed at what was called Prostitute Row, where they saw young girls being sold so the families could buy food.

This is when they realized that they can prevent a girl from being trafficked just by offering a job, said Terina. “This is how One Heart Collective was born. By providing a job like sewing, making jewelry or handcrafted goods, or learning a skill, we are preventing a child from being trafficked.”

The Duttons found that there are places around the world with products being stored and that there is a need for a market place.

“And that is what we are providing,” said Terina. “A market place where shoppers can purchase these products. One Heart Collective is the idea of people from different backgrounds coming together through shopping purposely to make an impact through their communities and in their world.”

One Heart Collective is part of their 501(c)(3) non-profit Dutton Family Foundation. They started a sports ministry academy to train boys on and off the field.

“Athletes for the Nations is in part, an academy in Uganda training boys,” said John, a former professional football player and the new head football coach at Mount Shasta High School. “It is a discipleship’s program. Using our success on the field to be significant off it. Through our ministry in Uganda, we opened an outreach center. We worked with street children. From there it became our base for child sponsorships where we send kids to school, help the families with basic needs, and basic medical care. This store is part of it.”

John said they were drawn to McCloud by McCloud High School. “To start Athletes for the Nations, for local kids and from surrounding areas. The building at 307 Pine Street, McCloud became available, so we started this store similar to the one we have in Uganda. We wanted to have a place for our kids to call home when we are traveling to Uganda.”

One Heart Collective is having an open house on Saturday, Aug. 26 at 11 a.m. For more information, go to the One Heart Collective website.