Gothic Manor Film, LLC has been in south Siskiyou County filming a science fiction movie called “Black Flowers,” which is about a family struggling to survive after a nuclear apocalypse.

Locals were hired for the majority of the crew and extras in the cast, and filming in Mount Shasta, Weed and McCloud is expected to continue until Oct. 13.

The story was written by Martin Gooch, who is also the film director. He said he worked in an archaeology department around Siskiyou County in 1992, found it to be “an amazing place,” and always wanted to return.

Gooch, who has done 21 films along with American and British television says, “I would rather raise money and spend it on locals.”

Second production assistant Rose Baker said they advertised by posting on Facebook for staff and extras, and the cast is paid through the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union.

They also recruited people from local companies they have been working with and “hired a few different catering services, to spread the wealth around.”

Gooch said he got the idea for Black Flowers while he was in Santa Barbara as one of the judges for a film festival during a big storm. “After the storm I went down to walk on the beach. The storm left the beach in an apocalyptic state with debris and carnage all around. And that is when I came up with the idea to write this film.”

He said the film is optimistic and its main messages are: nature will always find a way; and there is always hope.

Ron Roggé, who played in Modern Family and Stranger Things, and English actor Neil Dickson, who has many TV and movie credits, are both in the film, which is expected to debut in 2018.