One of the last World War II veterans in McCloud was honored last week with a quilt presented by fellow veterans.

Don Wilson, age 92, served as a signal man on the Navy battleship, BB-58 USS Indiana. Among many awards he received was a Purple Heart.

The quilt was made and presented by Kenna Edwards. Attending to show their appreciation for Wilson were: Raymond Hitchcock, age 91, a WWII veteran in the Army infantry; Denis Cain, 101st Airmobile, Vietnam War; Rod Ives, who served in the Navy on the USS Catskill MCS1 mine sweeper in Vietnam; and American Legion Post 92 Commander Jim Langum, who served in Vietnam as MP and legal aide in the Army.

With tears running down his face, Wilson patted his chest while saying, “Thanks for all of this. It makes me feel a lot in here.”

Edwards said, “We are reaching out to our World War II veterans first. We want to honor our senior veterans who sacrificed to keep our country free. We will have a big ceremony and presentation of quilts at the Heritage Quilt Show during Apple Harvest Festival in October. I am hoping to make a dozen more quilts by then and will need help and donations so please come and support us.”

For more information, contact Kenna Edwards at (530) 604-6899.