Siskiyou Ice Rink in Mount Shasta ended its most financially successful season and its first full 14-week season since 2010 on Feb. 25.

As reported by Friends of the Rink in a press release, the rink’s total revenue surpassed $125,000 from the start of the season on Nov. 18 until the end of February. The rink had about 12,000 visitors during its 3 1/2 month season.

The revenue total topped the rink’s previous record of $94,000 two years ago.

The success, as stated in the release, can be attributed to several factors, including weather that was largely favorable. Other than a two-week warm spell in the middle of February, there were few rain and snow days.

Friends of the Rink also points to the efforts of marketing coordinator Lisa Shara, the excellent staff coordinated by John Stackfleth, contributions from the community and local donors that helped get the rink in its best shape ever, and community volunteers who contribute in many ways.

The following details about the successful season were reported in FOR’s press release:

Over the past few seasons Lisa Shara increased visitor use at the rink through a creative and persuasive combination of radio, print and social media advertising, which in turn led to increased rink revenues.

Operations manager Shannon Shaw and assistant manager Elina Saryon led a crew of dedicated rink guards through a fun, well-run 14 weeks. The efforts the staff put into running the rink was reflected not only by a successful financial season but also a very safe season with few skater injuries.

The managers also provided excellent guidance to staff on customer service for the rink’s patrons. Shaw also became the Rink’s newest Zamboni driver.

Friends of the Rink and the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District also acknowledge that the success of the 2017-2018 season would not have been possible without the contributions of the community and local donors that helped improve the rink over the last 12 months. Particular thanks goes out to the anonymous donor who granted Friends of the Rink $32,000 this season to assist with the purchase of a refurbished 2005 Zamboni ice resurfacing machine that replaced a very old Zamboni that was built in 1972. The same donor also funded the expansion of the rink to NHL size in a prior season. The total contributions of this donor to the rink have exceeded $350,000.

Thanks to the generosity of “Anonymous” and contributions from local donors the Siskiyou Ice Rink is in the best shape ever. However, there is still room for improvement: Friends of the Rink looks forward to future collaborative efforts with interested donors and community partners going forward to continue to better the rink and enhance the quality of the skating experience for the rink’s many visitors.

The Mt. Shasta Icebreakers Youth Hockey Club donated $2,000 and was led by volunteers Ruth Altes (Team Mom), head coach Chris McGrew, and coaches Ed Domanski and Mark Thibideau. Adult Hockey was led by Terry Dombrowski with assistance from Ed Domanski and Chris McGrew. The annual Adult Hockey Tournament, managed by McGrew, drew its largest number of participants to date and had ice-friendly weather throughout the event.

Friends of the Rink and the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District express their thanks to all patrons that visited from near and far.

“We’re very grateful to all the season pass holders, and local donors whose contributions to the rink and the 2017-18 season are especially valued,” said FOR representative Pauline Cox.

This season’s donors included Mountain Runners, Mt. Shasta Ice Breakers, Siskiyou Ice Rink Adult Hockey, Chuck Schlumpberger, Russ Porterfield, C&K Markets, and John and Lori Harch.

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