There is a lot of work going on while the Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum is closed in the winter. The all-volunteer staff uses the time to research, plan, design, construct and install new exhibits. The fruits of this labor will be revealed at the Opening Night Celebration scheduled for Friday, March 30, at 6 p.m.

Three new exhibits will be featured during the 2018 season, including “Mount Shasta: Mystery and Magic – Elevating the Human Spirit.”

“The panels and artwork will answer common questions that people have about this area,” said Museum Executive Director Jean Nels. “Subjects including the legends about Mount Shasta, reasons people are drawn to the mountain, and some effects of these diverse groups and pursuits on our area will be included. Art work from local artists will help tell the stories too.”

Another new exhibition is “Tattooed and Tenacious: Inked Women in California History.”

As stated in a press release, “While many may think of tattoos as a recent trend, inked women have a long history in California. From the working-class Tattooed Ladies who performed in circus sideshows, to the upper-class inked women who helped popularize the tattoo craze – visitors will discover the largely unknown history of women and tattoos through photographs, personal histories, and artifacts.”

Nels said, “The exhibit will include artwork from tattoo artists in the Mount Shasta area. Community members’ stories and photos of their tattoos can be entered also. There will be an instamatic camera used to photograph tattoos of those wishing to participate.”

This temporary exhibit will be on display until May 28.

The second phase of the permanent exhibit, “Mount Shasta: Volcano – Inside and Out,” has also been installed.

According to Nels, “There are more features to explore in the lava tube cave, more volcanic rocks, more hands-on activities, and a new film, ‘Soaring Around Shasta.’ This film features a helicopter flight around Mount Shasta in the summer and in the winter. Many people, including Bill Hirt, Leif Voeltz, Peter Van Susteren, Steve Bachmann, and Bill Miesse helped with this movie, and Pusher, Inc. filmed and edited it.”

Another new film that will be premiered on March 30 is “Lenticulars – The Spectacular Clouds of Mount Shasta.” Snow Creek Studios, Expershare, Bill Miesse and Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum worked together to produce this film. Pictures and videos of these fantastic cloud formations will be featured.

This film has two parts. The first chapter shows beautiful clouds photographed by local community members, accompanied by music from Rick Garrett. The second chapter has videos, diagrams and more photos telling about the science behind these amazing clouds.

The Opening Night Celebration is a major fundraising event for the museum. Tickets are $25 per person and may be purchased at Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce, Snow Creek Studios, Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, and online at