Final paragraph corrected to state that McCloud CSD General Manager Kimberly Paul explained that the Amended and Restated Agreement for the preparation of environmental documents and the possible sale and purchase of Artesian Spring Water does cover the District's legal expenses related to the project by way of an indemnification clause.

Last week’s McCloud Community Services District board of directors meeting involved a mix of frustrated audience members, cancellation of an EIR consultant contract, and discussion surrounding website development services for the district.

The March 12 meeting began with public comment in which McCloud resident Betsy Phair was critical of General Manager Kimberly Paul and expressed concern for the well-being of McCloud and the board.

During Phair’s comment, all staff members of the McCloud Community District Service left the building, except for Public Works Superintendent Amos McAbier.

Before the public comment, McAbier mentioned that such remarks from individuals in the community could be considered as slander. The board took a brief timeout after Phair’s comment, and District staff returned.

Finance officer Michael Quinn asked to give his three minutes of public comment time to McAbier; however, board President Cathy Young denied the request because she claimed that the board does not follow that protocol. Quinn mentioned that such a process was part of parliamentary procedure, but Young responded that the board follows the Brown Act, and that the board has never adhered to that rule as long as Young has served on the board.

The expenses in the consent agenda were unanimously approved by the board, which moved the board into old business. Discussion/possible action regarding acceptance of a proposal to redesign the MCDS current website was examined. Paul was asked to bring back more information about Streamline, a service provider that promotes their services as being section 508 compliant, which relates to security and protecting information; however, Paul stated that after researching other sites, she found out that all of the website providers were 508 compliant.

“Most of these programs that you create the website with are already 508 compliant,” Paul said. “Wordpress which Silver Rockets would use, they are actually beyond compliant. They address most common barriers for disabled users... I think [Silver Rockets] is the best selection.”

Paul suggested that the board consider Silver Rockets, which is a local graphics and web design company that manages the City of Mount Shasta's webpage as well. In response to board member Mike Rorke’s question, Paul said the contract would last three years.

Service from other providers is on a month-to-month basis, but Paul said Silver Rockets provides the best cost for maintenance. A community member spoke during public comment about the web design matter saying she was surprised that the company could charge such low prices for maintenance at $75 an hour when normally, she believed, such prices run around $200.

Paul said she has received nothing but quality service from the company, and those were the estimates proposed for maintenance.

Young made a motion to accept the proposal from Silver Rockets. The motion passed unanimously.

Part of the agenda included action regarding the cancellation of the Contract for Services from Sally Zeff of ICF to provide EIR consulting services in support of MCSD staff. Paul explained that she brought the matter back up for discussion although the board already decided to keep Zeff on for contracted services a few weeks before, even if that meant giving her work to keep her services necessary. Paul explained that the McCloud Artesian Spring Water Bottling Company felt that it was a poor use of funds to keep Zeff, if the district was going to give her “busy work.”

Board member Raymond Zanni said Zeff had asked to be relieved of her services to the district; however, Rorke wanted to keep Zeff on as a type of checks and balances clause for the district when it came to preparing the EIR. Zanni made a motion to let Zeff be released from her contract. The motion passed with four ayes, and Rorke opposed.

Rorke made a motion to rescind Policy 2010 – Temporary Addendum to Employee compensation, Hours of Work and Overtime. The motion was initially seconded by Hitchcock at the last board meeting. The motion passed at that time 3-0 with board members Young and Chuck Ott absent.

Young brought the matter back up for discussion because she had trouble with the wording used to distinguish bids being acceptable through a phone call.

She specifically wants all bids in writing. After more discussion, the board decided that several changes needed to be made, and the policy committee would review the matter again.

The Confidentiality Agreement between MCSD and the Winnemem Wintu Tribe for AB52 consultation for the Proposed McCloud Artesian Spring Water Bottling Facility Project was placed on hold until the district hires a new General Manager.

During discussion regarding whether the Amended and Restated Agreement for the preparation of environmental documents and the possible sale and purchase of Artesian Spring Water covers legal expenses, Paul explained that the contract does cover the District’s legal expenses related to the project by way of an indemnification clause.

Editor's note: The last paragraph has been corrected from the version that appeared in the March 21, 2018 print and e-editions of Mount Shasta Area Newspapers.