A woman who was seen brandishing a knife before driving away from a California Highway Patrol Officer early Thursday afternoon on Interstate 5 was eventually detained for a mental health evaluation, according to a Yreka CHP press release.

The release noted that some reports on the Internet stated a shotgun was involved, but that was not the case – “there were no firearms involved or located,” according to the CHP.

The Yreka CHP reported the following about the incident:

“On May 17th, 2018, at 12:08 p.m., a Yreka California Highway Patrol Officer saw a silver Toyota 4Runner stopped in the center divider of I-5 near the Weed Rest Area holding a paper sign reading “HELP.” Due to this being an unsafe place to stop, and unusual, the Officer stopped to check on the welfare of the occupants. When the Officer contacted the driver, a 38 year old female from Bend, Oregon, with her 8 year old son and a medium sized dog, the Officer noticed something wasn't right and the female was acting differently. The female, at one point, swiftly returned to her seat, brandished a knife, and drove away.

“For the child's safety, the Officer followed the vehicle, but not in the same manner as a pursuit as to not agitate the driver. After numerous U-turns through the freeway center divider, and after additional CHP units arrived on scene, the officers were able to get the vehicle safely stopped. The driver was detained for mental health evaluation. The child was safely recovered and brought with his mother to the Siskiyou Behavior Health office. The dog in the vehicle was also safely recovered and taken to the Siskiyou County Animal Control for safe keeping.

“As California Highway Patrol Officers, we have undergone extensive training regarding persons with mental illness. We are pleased with the safe outcome for all involved in this event.”